• Is it a requirement to get motorcycle insurance in Florida?

    It is not a state requirement to get motorcycle insurance in Florida, but it is considered to be financially sensible to do.

    Having your own motorcycle insurance means that you will be able to have financial assistance in cases of accident and untoward events.

    Should there be a case where the motorcycle gets wrecked, stolen or get caught in an event of a storm and gets damaged, the owner will still have a way to recover the financial loss if not get a replacement or much needed repair.

    Why get motorcycle insurance?

    If you get caught in an accident and you have not registered your bike, this could become a liability not only financially but legally this could be used against you as a motorcycle owner.

    Having insurance for your motorcycle means that you are protected in cases of accidents. You can get proper coverage for bodily injuries that you have sustained or have been sustained by the people involved during the accident.

    This means, you don’t have to shell out thousands of dollars and feel the immense responsibility.

    Added protection:

    By having your motorcycle insured, you can prevent losing your license and registration of the bike, you will also be able to pay up easily in cases of restitution.

    Judgments against you in civil court proceedings would be lighter if you have managed to protect yourself by following an insurance policy in the state of Florida.

    In the state of Florida, there is such a thing as a requirement for an SR22 which is high risk mandatory coverage that could be used for minimum of 3 years in order for a person to be able to keep their license.

    Avail of the bodily injury liability

    In order to be safe, and to have the best coverage possible. Make sure to get the bodily injury liability coverage.

    This means, that the insurance coverage would be able to pay for the immediate medical bills of the other driver or their passenger if in case you are the reason why they had an accident.

    Get assistance in cases of property damage:

    There are types of Florida Motorcycle insurance that can protect their clients in cases of damage to property.

    The vehicle can get repairs from selected repair service outlets that are affiliated with insurance companies.

    The owner need not pay the entire costs, the cost could be divided or paid completely depending on the terms of the insurance coverage that was taken.

    Be able to cover medical payments:

    By availing of the insurance for the motorcycle, it is possible to get a medical payment coverage.

    This also means that the medical coverage would be able to cover the medicines and hospital care that would be required by the owner and the passenger while riding the motorcycle.

    The usual insurance coverage that would be shouldered would be around $10,000 maximum coverage.

    Get maximum protection even from Uninsured Motorist:

    There are certain insurance coverage that would be able to protect you if you get involved in an accident with someone who does not have insurance.

    This means total protection from any event, if the insurance of the other person is limited, you can still avail of other premium benefits given to you by your own motorcycle insurance company.

    This means that the damages and injuries that have occurred would still be given financial assistance.

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